iPhone/iPad App Development

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Nowadays it is a common need for corporations to achieve a value added through software components created to promote their business or to optimize the productive and marketing strategies. iPhone and iPad applications that identify the brand, online games associated to the products and customized web applications, represent the most innovative way to originally integrate the image and the message, either of a good project or a successful product.

iPhone and iPad applications development

Saidmade team can realize any kind of software for the next-generation devices made in Cupertino (iPhone, iPod, iPad). Design, development, publication on the App Store and launch of the promotional campaign of any application: our goal is to create very high quality products and offer a careful and punctual assistance; to achieve this we can rely on the experience of project managers e developers, for whom the Apple universe has no secrets.

MacOs applications

The Apple operating system Mac Os is one of the most sophisticated and complex system currently present on the market: our technical department, on the strength of the experience acquired through the years in developing Objective-C and framework Cocoa, is able to offer the customer all the know- how for the creation of complex applications in MacOs environment.

Adobe Flash and Adobe Air Application

Our team includes some of the most notable personalities of the Adobe Flash development field; this enables us to project and realize every kind of Adobe Flash and Adobe Air application, from the e-gadgets to advanced online games, up to the study and implementation of more complexed softwares that need to be integrated with databases o XML fluxes.

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